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Michigan Radio is saying so-long to 2011. But what's a goodbye without a little reflection? Here you'll find a collection of stories about Detroit, the economy, arts and culture, the environment, stories from our investigative report, and stories from West Michigan. We can't list all the stories we covered, but this is a good sampling. Let us know if others should be included.

2011 in review: the good, the bad, and the ugly

With a new year just days away we asked you to take stock of 2011. Michigan’s economy shows signs of improving, but times are still tough for many around the state.

So we decided to put the question directly to you. What was good about 2011? What didn’t go well?

These word clouds sum up the responses listeners and readers sent on Facebook or through the Public Insight Network.  You can view the word clouds by clicking on the image above.

Thoughts of what made this year good are in the first word cloud, followed by thoughts of what did not go well in the second word cloud. We made that one black and grey, just for effect.

Submissions "2011 was a good year" by: Adam Russo, Patricia Idema, Kristine Selleck, Syke Matthews-Savage, Aimee Montero, Lori Ann Dick, Ann Fitzpatrick Barkey, Casey Rakowski, Heather Bisson-Simpson, Ron Nolan, Karl J. Wolf, Michael Bazell, Marcy Conder, Kim Dean Dingman, Tammy Santii-Kero, Josh Matz, Lee Mosher, Amanda Paige, Andrew Androff, Jacob Bormann, John Gracki, Janice Shay, Donna Sivaraman, Derek Dean, Margaret Rorick Beach

Submissions for "2011 was a bad year because" by: Ann Fitzpatrick Barkey, Mark Gillum, Judi Briggs, Jeff Duncan, Kathleen B Hiddema, Stacy Mielcarek, Benjamin Campbell, Mark Moss, Jim DeWilde, Christine Elise Johnson, Andy Smith

Inform our coverage: What were the highlights and low points of the year for you?