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Things That Go Bump In The Lab: Halloween And The Science Of Fear

<a href="http://www.scarehouse.com/">The ScareHouse</a> in Pittsburgh is curated in part by sociologist Margee Kerr.
Rachellyn Schoen
The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh is curated in part by sociologist Margee Kerr.

This week, for Halloween, the Hidden Brain podcast gets spooky.

Producer Maggie Penman visits a haunted house in Pittsburgh called The ScareHouse, curated in part by sociologist Margee Kerr.

Margee Kerr
Rachellynn Schoen / ScareHouse
Margee Kerr

Kerr teaches at the University of Pittsburgh and is the author of a new book called Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear.

Kerr and her colleague, neuroscientist Greg Siegle, are working on a paper about the upside of fear, collecting data on guests who visit ScareHouse before, after and during their experience. Through Maggie's visit, and the data Kerr and Siegle have been collecting, we learn a little bit about what scares us, and why some people enjoy this sensation enough to seek it out.

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