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Two seniors reconnect after 50 years, getting married today

Judith Narrol and Ed Storement rekindled their love after 56 years apart.
Kyle Norris
Judith Narrol and Ed Storement rekindled their love after 56 years apart.

Romantic love, crazy love, puppy love -- there are all kinds of loves. But there's another kind of love some people experience, and that's love late in their lives.

That's what happened with 70-year-old Judith Narrol and 71-year-old Ed Storement.

They grew up in the same neighborhood in Salem, Ill., but went on to marry different people and raise separate families.

The two have recently reconnected 56 years later.

"He was the guy who sat on my stoop," says Judith, who explains that the couple's religious differences — she is Jewish and he is a Southern Baptist — caused their families to forbid their courtship.

"My parents had rather strong views on marrying within your religion just like Judy's parents did. Growing up in the mid '50s in southern Illinois oil field country where 90 percent of the people were originally from the southern states, there was a lot of prejudice, bigotry — it existed," says Ed.

Since then, says Judith, "Those people have passed out of our lives."

But as Judith explains, "life happens," and after high school, Ed went off to the Air Force and she went on to marry, have four children and a 23-year marriage.

Ed married too, but after both of their marriages ended the two found each other once again.

Judith and Ed reconnected at their 50th class reunion and found that the feelings they had had for one another more than 50 years ago, remained.

"I think the moment I knew I was still in love with Eddie was when he leaned over and kissed me," says Judith.

"I just felt all of the emotions and the feelings I had had 50 years ago coming back. And so I kissed her!" adds Ed, laughing.

Since the reunion, the two have spent their time together, rekindling their love.

"I think the thing that amazes me most is that after 50 years, we are still in tune with each other as to what we think, what we believe, what we feel -- which is incredible!"

The couple is so in tune that they can almost feel what the other is feeling.

Judith says, "Oh, this is embarrassing, but last night my feet were just hurting me so bad and he came in and without me even saying anything, he just bent over and started massaging my feet. And that, to me, is amazing — to be touched, to be loved. Every day is gift."

She adds, "He thinks I’m pretty and I had felt old, I had felt invisible, and I feel noticed again."

To which Ed replies, "Well, I do think she’s beautiful, okay, and I always have and I always will think that."

Ed and Judith are getting married today.

Kyle Norris is from Michigan and spent ten years as a host and reporter with Michigan Radio, the state’s largest NPR-affiliate. He lives in Seattle and works as a substitute host and producer at KNKX.
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