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Bennett album review: a fusion of folk, rock and pop from Grand Rapids

Ashlee Kristin Photography


The Grand Rapids based band Bennett is releasing their second EP Friday called A Moment’s Time.




The single off the album (Give a Little Love) is a feel good indie folk rock tune complete with an accordion, fiddle, guitar, drums and hand claps that sound as if the bands Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and the Head and the Heart had little music babies together.


The EP also tosses in some sappy ballads (Hold On) and power pop tunes (Killer), as well as some darker songs that touch on themes of love lost and loss of self (In the Darkness).


Band member Josiah Gentry says Bennett made a conscious effort on their first EP to not write any songs about love and romantic relationships, “And we wound up writing a lot about soul searching, finding yourself,” Gentry says. “Well this new record was almost a resolution to that. Finding yourself but also finding that there is turmoil and love lost.”


After nearly 4 years as a band, Bennett has performed in half of the states in the US and played in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


Band member Nick Rolls says touring and performing is a unique way to connect to other people.


“It’s just always so cool, even in places where they don’t speak our language, playing music, people connect to it. It’s cool to see walls fall and bridges be built,” Rolls says.


Bennett will be playing a CD release show Friday in Grand Rapids.