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Meet Our Audience

Public radio reaches one of the most educated and affluent audiences in radio, according to the findings of the NPR Audience Insight & Research division.

Through sponsorship of Michigan Public, your message will be heard by an educated, affluent, and influential audience. People who are able to buy your products, contribute to your charity, visit your lectures and exhibitions, and most importantly, encourage their friends and families to join in. People who love Michigan Public and will associate your brand with ours and will associate your support with theirs.

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Michigan Public listeners are educated.

As a whole, NPR listeners are very well educated and look for opportunities to learn throughout life.

- 208% more likely than the average American to have completed a graduate degree

- 87% of listeners also agree that being well educated is very important to them

Michigan Public listeners are committed to arts and culture

- 226% more likely than the average American to contribute financially to arts/culture programs

- 88% have attended a dance performance in the past year

Michigan Public listeners are affluent.

As a result of their high educational attainment, NPR listeners tend to earn more than the average American.

- The median household income of NPR listeners is $102,300, which is 44% higher than the average American household

- Our audience has the expendable income to invest, make large purchases and travel

- They are also heavily involved in making purchasing decisions in their workplace – 22% are managers or professionals involved in one or more business purchases totaling over $1,000.

81% of NPR listeners agree that “if a product is made by a company I trust, I’ll buy it even if it is slightly more expensive”.

Michigan Public listeners are influential.

Defined by Mediamark, an “Influential” is a person who “participates in three or more public activities that demonstrate an uncommon engagement with their community.” Public radio listeners are three times as likely to fit the “Influential” description. NPR Audience & Research states: “NPR reaches one of the highest concentrations of key community leaders in all of media.”

Michigan Public listeners are discerning.

While listeners of other radio stations in the area also listen to Michigan Public, a large portion of our listeners listen to our station exclusively. Michigan Public reaches an average of 19% of the top commercial radio station’s audience in Detroit. However, the top commercial radio stations in Detroit reach an average of only 4% of Michigan Public’s audience.