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Stateside: Stories shared between two recovering cities

The devastation remains in parts of New Orleans 9th ward
The devastation remains in parts of New Orleans 9th ward

New Orleans and Detroit share a common story of recovery.

After Hurricane Katrina's devastation, New Orleans resembled Detroit post-economic crisis.

Writer Micki Maynard spoke with Cyndy about similarities she has seen between the two cities.

“Many people think that what happened in Detroit is the equivalent of an economic storm,” said Maynard.

Maynard has witnessed an influx of people moving from other cities to both New Orleans and Detroit, bringing with them fresh ideas of growth and innovation.

“The cool thing about what is going on in New Orleans is it’s a mix of locals who do see the potential and these newcomers," she said.

It’s a very American spirit, said Maynard, to support those in need and then discover opportunity once those needs are fulfilled.

Maynard noted a parallel between New Orleans’s Municipal Auditorium and Detroit’s Michigan Central Station- both require community effort to rebuilt space in and around it.

“When you get the neighborhoods back, that’s when you start to get groups of people that rally around commercial districts,” said Maynard.

This rallying spirit is partially a result of the city's influx of young residents.

“With the city of Detroit, we have great opportunity with the newcomers.”

Maynard hopes the newcomers ask themselves what they can do for Detroit.

“We’ve got a ways to go. We need economic help, we need focus and we need commitment.”

With these, says Maynard, there exists the potential for Detroit to progress.

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