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Snyder and teachers unions agree on at least one thing: Year-round schooling


  Teachers unions say they liked at least one thing Governor Rick Snyder said during his State of the State address Thursday night. The governor called for state incentives to encourage school districts to go year-round.

Under the plan, schools that volunteer would still have the same number of vacation days. They would just be spread out more throughout the year.

“Let’s try it!” said American Federation of Teachers of Michigan President David Hecker.

“I mean, the research is clear – and common sense tells you even without the research, right? – you have two-and-a-half months off, you’re going to lose things, right? There’s going to be catch-up in September to get to where you were in June,” he said.

But Hecker says districts should consult teachers first before they get rid of traditional summer vacation.

“A lot of times during the summer is when teachers go to get continuing education credits, time off to regroup, time off to have concentrated time to really work on lesson plans for the future,” he said.

Governor Snyder is expected to talk more about the plan - and what kind of incentives might be involved – during his state budget message next month.