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Stateside: Charter schools and integration; Trump and the auto industry; Derek Black on rise in hate

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"We have decades of evidence at this point that show that racially and socially economically diverse schools produce strong outcomes for all students,” said Halley Potter, a research fellow with The Century Foundation. ";


Today on Stateside, automakers cope with the uncertainty caused by President Donald Trump's threats to close off parts of the U.S border with Mexico. Plus, remembering José Feliciano's controversial rendition of the national athem during the 1968 World Series in Detroit. 

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below.

Howes: Whether or not border is closed, instability is bad for auto industry


Stateside's conversation with Daniel Howes

  • President Donald Trump presented himself to America as the consummate businessman, the master of the "art of the deal". But Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes says this week's barrage of presidential threats to close our border with Mexico is yet one more blow for beleaguered companies. Howes joins Stateside to talk about how the threat to close the border, and more broadly the unpredictability of Trump's trade policies, is impacting the auto industry. 

Report: Michigan doing a poor job when it comes to charter school integration

Stateside's conversation with Halley Potter and Buddy Moorehouse

  • Early on in the charter school movement, there was a vision that this new kind of school could help create more racially and socioeconomically diverse learning environments. A new report from the left-leaning think tank The Century Foundation finds, for the most part, that vision is not being realized. It says states are failing to enact policies that support integration in charter schools.
  • Stateside hears from Halley Potter, a research fellow with The Century Foundation, about the report and its recommendations. We also hear from Buddy Moorehouse, with the Michigan Associate of Public School Academies (MAPSA), on how he thinks charters should be involved in creating more integrated schools in the state. 

Mismatch Podcast: Jose Feliciano’s Anthem Encore


Stateside's conversation with Roger Weber

  • Things do not always fit together easily or neatly. But truthfully, life would be pretty boring if they did. That's the idea behind the podcast Mismatch. Today, we hear an episode that follows the story of  how singer Jose Feliciano’s performance at the 1968 World Series became the most memorable and controversial renditions of the national anthem in history, and the surprises it led to 50 years later.

Former white nationalist Derek Black on how he defied family, ideology to speak out against hate


Stateside's conversation with Derek Black

  • How do we combat the growing number of hate crimes and white supremacist groups in America? Derek Black has a unique perspective on that question. He is a former white nationalist who came to reject the ideology that he had once embraced. He joined Stateside to discuss his upbringing in a white nationalist family, how his time in college prompted him to disavow his racist beliefs, and the role that everyone has to play in calling out bigotry in their communities.
  • Stateside’s Cynthia Canty will be interviewing Derek Black on Sunday, April 7 at a members-only event at theHolocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills.

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