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14-year old girl wins court case to freeze dead body in Michigan

Courtesy http://underclassrising.net/
Creative Commons -- http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

A 14-year old London girl’s remains are being preserved in Michigan with the hope that she’ll be brought back to life, Mike Householder with The Associated Press reports.

She’s doing so through Cryonics: a technique where legally-dead people are cooled with liquid nitrogen to the extent that physical decay essentially stops, according to the cryonics institute.

More from Householder:

"The unidentified girl's remains were brought to the facility last month after a British High Court judge granted her wish. She died in mid-October after telling the court she hoped she could be woken after a cure for her cancer is found, even if that's 'in hundreds of years' time.'" "It was her wish to becryopreserved, and her wish was granted," Andy Zawacki, facility manager at the Cryonics Institute in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township, said Monday." It is one of three full-service cryonics facilities in the world. The others are in Arizona and Russia.

Some people, including the girl's father, are skeptical of the procedure. He told The Daily Mail this in an interview

“When I asked if there was even a one in a million chance of my daughter being brought back to life, they could not say there was,” he says. “I think it would be doubly impossible to both bring her back from the dead and cure her cancer, and companies should not hold out some false hope.”

Notable figures, including famous baseball player Ted Williams, have used cryonics in an attempt to preserve their life for the future after being declared legally dead.        

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