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Scientists think CBD oil could be medically beneficial, but say more research is needed

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CBD oil could be an option for pain-relief, but more clinical research is necessary


The Food and Drug Adminstration wants to collect more information about CBD, a non-toxicating extract of the cannabis plant. This comes as CBD-infused products such as candy, oils, drinks, and even dog food are already flooding the market. 

CBD is becoming popular for treating things such as chronic pain and other ailments -- despite confusion around its legal status.


Though CBD products can be purchased almost anywhere, it’s still unclear whether the substance is legal under federal laws. The FDA is currently taking public comments on the issue, but there is still no official federal stance.

Kevin Boehnke, a research fellow at the University of Michigan is studying the effect of CBD on chronic pain, among other things. He says the lack of clear legislation limits the amount of research that can be done on the effects of CBD.

“This lack of research has actually clamped down what we could know about the therapeutic benefits of this compound,” Boehnke said.

Though the body of research is limited, there have been small scale studies that prove certain potential benefits of the compound, including a study demonstrating craving and anxiety reduction for opioid addictions.

CBD could also prove useful to NFL players as an alternative to more potent pain-relief medications, which can have serious side effects.


But he says all consumers should do their research before purchasing products online. Studies show some CBD products have tested positive for heavy metals or solvents. He says there needs to be third-party testing to certify the safety of CBD products.


Listen above to the conversation. This post was written by Stateside production assistant Anna Schlutt.

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