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Connections: The Power of Networks

Paula Friedrich
Michigan Radio
When your network is sparse, it can be hard to get ahead in life. Here's how four individuals found connections, even when it seemed like there were none.

Connections is a State of Opportunity documentary about the power of networks.

The show looks at the importance of a strong network, and how those who start with sparse networks can start to build more connections.

The hour-long special tackles questions like:

• How do you create a network when you live in poverty?

• What networking advice would you give to a teenager from a low-income family? 

• Why mentor someone you don't have a connection to?

• When you're locked up in prison, away from everyone and everything you know and love, how do you build a new life for yourself when you get out?

Listen to the whole show, or read the documentary in three parts on the State of Opportunity's website

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