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Will you be able to pay your bills? Your rent? Tell us how you're making ends meet.

older couple looking over bills at a table
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The coronavirus pandemic has upended life for all of us in a matter of days. We want to know: What is your most pressing financial concern right now?

If you’ve lost your job, how are you paying the bills? Are you prioritizing your financial obligations, and if so – how? If you’re a renter, have you talked to your landlord about leniency with the rent? (If you’re a landlord, how are you weighing your tenants’ financial situation with your need to pay the mortgage?) If you’re a business owner, what have you had to do to trim expenses, or have you closed up shop altogether? How long do you think you can stay open? (If you have closed, what would have to happen to reopen?)

If you have information you think we should know about, please use the form below. Please be as specific as you can about your situation, and let us know if it’s OK for a reporter to contact you. We won’t be able to get in touch directly with everyone – but your responses will help inform our coverage.

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