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State trying for 98% seat belt compliance again

Michigan Office of Highway Safety

The number of Michigan drivers who always buckle up is declining. So the state is stepping up its annual enforcement campaign. Michigan still has one of the highest rates of seat belt compliance in the nation. But it slipped to 93% last year, from a high of 98% in 2009. Anne Readette is with the Office of Highway Safety Planning. She says the goal is to get back to 98% "I know it's a very high number," says Readette, "But we were there before and we do know it's possible." The decline in seat belt use coincided with a decline in spending on the annual Click it or Ticket campaign. This year, state police in 40 counties will be looking for unbelted drivers, and the state will spend more money on ads. The ads feature young men - the most likely demographic by far to fail to use seat belts.