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A look through the window: Michiganders at home

Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Leah and Micheal Roberts, adapting to staying at home with virtual yoga.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order has required the majority of us to adapt our routines and change up how we communicate with one another. It's impacted studies, birthdays, mental health, and more. We asked our listeners what was helping them get through this difficult time - and made a socially distant visit to a few of them to document how they're spending time at home, flattening the curve. 

*All photos taken from a safe six foot distance

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Jenny George

 Jenny GeorgeNorth Burns Park, Ann Arbor

“The effect is more emotional. I really don’t have a lot of motivation to do my studies, it’s really hard to be motivated when there’s so much going on in the news and it seems like everyday the situation is growing worse and our public federal officials seem to be letting us down everyday," said George.

Katie, Margo, Fred, and Dan Kidle

Katie, Margo, Fred, and Dan KidleAbbot, Ann Arbor

“Our son turned two years old a couple weeks ago and we had a birthday party planned for him but, instead, we had my parents come and ring our doorbell and then back up to our front yard and sing happy birthday from the front yard as we looked from the front door," said Dan Kidle.

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Makenzie King and Esme (Dog)

Mackenzie KingBurns Park, Ann Arbor

“Having a dog really helps, maybe in ways you don’t think too. Not just getting outside, but reminding you that it’s okay to take naps all day, it’s okay to just stare out the window for hours, it’s okay to find joy in really small and meaningless moments and things. I’ve had her for 10 years and she has seen me through some of the hardest times in my life and I definitely feel really lucky to have company like her," said King.

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Leah and Mike Roberts

Leah and Mike Roberts, Old West Side, Ann Arbor

“Technology has been paramount in keeping our sanity and productivity. Sanity in terms of keeping in touch with our social circle and our family," said Mike Roberts.

"For me, it’s been helpful that some of my favorite bands have been live-streaming performances and our yoga studio started doing free video sessions, so we’ve been signing up for those and doing yoga at home," said Leah Roberts.

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Clara Scott

Clara ScottBurns Park, Ann Arbor

“The biggest thing that's been helping me during this time is just making sure I'm going outside when I can and taking walks, making sure I’m getting enough exercise, eating, trying to keep a somewhat normal sleep schedule— I’ve definitely been taking way too many naps. I’m trying to implement some sort of routine because I feel like everyone has just lost structure completely in their lives," said Scott. 

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Olive Scott

Olive Scott, Kerrytown, Ann Arbor 

“My cat lives with me now. Her name’s Fran. And that’s been a really nice way to ease into not being able to see all the people I want to see all the time, it's been a huge help,” said Scott. “I think it’s important for people to look for ways to interact with other people, whether it’s responding to somebody's social media story, or emailing somebody or sending somebody a letter. I know it’s a very stressful time with a lot of big issues going around but I think it’s just important to reach out."

Credit Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio
Eric Margolin, Jonah Shiffrin, Ben Sheppard, Evan Parness

Evan ParnessAngell, Ann Arbor

“I’m healthy still, but socially my world has been completely disrupted," said Parness (far right). “I’m a junior in architecture school, so the shift to online classes has been very stark and confusing to navigate at times but it’s the least of my problems honestly because school is kind of the only thing keeping things feelings sane and structured, as they were before everything else stopped. Its been weird, but I’m grateful for it at the same time.” 

If you live in Ann Arbor and would like to participate in this ongoing series, please e-mail katray@umich.edu to get involved. 

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Katie is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she studied Art & Design with an emphasis in Photography. She developed a keen and observant eye early on while looking for Petoskey stones in her hometown, along the shores of Lake Michigan. Her goal, as a maker and a human, is to establish relationships with people and enhance the art of storytelling.
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