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State House approves bill to add more people to sex offender registry

Michigan State Police

People convicted of crimes such as possessing child pornography and indecent exposure might soon be added to the state’s public sex offender registry.

Lawmakers in the state House today voted overwhelmingly in favor of the legislation.

Democratic state Representative Jeff Irwin was one of only three votes against it. He admits it’s not a popular position to take.

“This bill today is just going to put more and more people on the registry who don’t deserve to be there, who don’t belong there, and who really water down any effect that the registry has to promote public safety.”

Irwin says it should be up to judges to decide who is a potential threat and should be placed on the registry.

Supporters say the people who would be added to the list are more likely to commit violent sexual crimes.

The bill now goes to the state Senate for a final vote.

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