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Michigan ACLU releases new app to film possible police abuse

Johan Larsson
Creative Commons

The ACLU of Michigan has a new mobile app that makes it easier to record and report possible police abuse.

The Mobile Justice app records then automatically sends footage to the ACLU when a user stops recording. 

After the footage is sent, the ACLU reviews it and decides if legal action is needed.

The app includes an optional "Witness" feature, which alerts other users when and where an encounter is taking place.

Rodd Monts, Michigan ACLU field director, said citizens' ability to record police "helps both sides." 

"The only people who have a problem with it is the very small percentage of law enforcement that gets caught up in situations that have been captured on video and made the headlines," Monts said.

Robert Stevenson, executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, said he has no problem with citizens filming law enforcement.

"It backs up the good job that we're doing out there and the officer's version of the events. We believe this will help counter the perception that the police are acting improper," Stevenson said.

The app includes a "Know Your Rights" section explaining a user's rights when encountering police.


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