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Stateside: Argument against Prop 1; what candidates are missing; mapping upward mobility in Detroit

A new mural on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck, also known as Banglatown.

Today on Stateside, what are gubernatorial candidates not spending enough time discussing? Our political commentators weigh in. Plus, even in statistically identical neighborhoods, children in Detroit yield disproportionate success rates. 


Political Roundup: What the candidates are not saying

Stateside's conversation with Vicki Barnett and Ken Sikkema

  • On this edition of Political Roundup, we ask our commentators which issues they wished the candidates running for governor would spend more time discussing. Vicki Barnett is a former mayor of Farmington Hills and Democratic legislator. Ken Sikkema is a Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector Consultants and a former Republican legislator. 

The marching band is back at the Muskegon Heights High School Academy

Michigan Radio's Dustin Dwyer visits Muskegon marching band

  • Michigan Radio reporter Dustin Dwyer takes us to a Muskegon Heights Academy football game to hear from the recently relaunched marching band. 

Marijuana opponent says legalizing pot would have “hidden costs"

Stateside's conversation with Brian Ellis

  • Brian Ellis is CEO of Brooktree Capital Management and part of the group Healthy and Productive Michigan. Proposal 1 on this November’s ballot could make the recreational use of marijuana legal. Ellis joins Stateside to give his opinion on why he believes this would be detrimental to the state.


Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General on marijuana, Line 5 and civil asset forfeiture


Stateside's conversation with Lisa Lane Gioia

  • This week, we've been interviewing the candidates for Michigan attorney general. Today, Libertarian candidate Lisa Lane Gioia.

Cheers! Something to drink on election night

Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings shares her recipe for election "mocktails"

  • On this week’s Cheers! we have Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings show us how to make two different election “mocktails.” These blue and red alcohol-free drinks are perfect for all to enjoy this Midterm season. 

New mural goes up between Detroit and Hamtramck to celebrate the Bangladeshi community

Stateside's conversation with Farha Hanif

  • Farha Hanif is part of the Bagladeshi-American Mural Committee. A new large mural is being painted on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck, also known as Banglatown. Hanif walks us through every step of the mural choosing process. The Bangladeshi mural celebration will take place in front of the wall of Bridge Academy West at 3105 Carpenter Street in Hamtramck at 2pm this Sunday.


New “Opportunity Atlas” shows economic mobility for kids in Detroit


Stateside's conversation with Tanvi Misra

  • In a recent City Lab article, Tanvi Misra took a look at why underprivileged children in Detroit have different success rates by neighborhood, even when statistically these neighborhoods appear identical. She is calling this phenomenon The Opportunity Atlas.

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