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Stateside: Marijuana industry’s banking dilemma; MI's first LGBTQ Episcopal bishop; sports economy

A photo of Bonnie Perry
Courtesy of Bonnie Perry
Reverend Bonnie Perry (second from right) is the first woman, and the first openly-gay bishop, to lead Michigan's Episcopal diocese.

Today on Stateside, how the passage of an act prohibiting the federal government from punishing banks that accept money from marijuana businesses would impact licensed dispensaries in Michigan. Plus, a conversation with the bishop-elect of Michigan's Episcopal church, who is the first openly-gay woman to lead an Episcopal diocese in the United States. 

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below. 

Banking options are limited for legal marijuana businesses, but there’s a push to change that

Stateside’s conversation with Rush Hasan

  • State-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries have a problem: Many banks are wary to handle money involving a substance that's still illegal at the federal level. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has joined 18 other governors in calling on Congress to pass legislation federal government from punishing banks that accept money from marijuana businesses.
  • Rush Hasan is head of operations and business development at The Reef, a medical marijuana dispensary in Detroit. He breaks down the limited options licensed marijuana businesses have when it comes to banking, and what the passage of federal legislation like the SAFE Banking Act would mean for how dispensaries like his do business.

Biologists try a new tactic to bring back endangered piping plovers

Click above to hear Interlochen Public Radio’s Taylor Wizner’s reporting

  • Half a century ago, hundreds of pairs of piping plovers lived on the shores of the Great Lakes. But by the 1980s, they were on the verge of extinction, and only about a dozen pairs remained. Slowly but surely, wildlife biologists have helped increase the population. But it’s still well below a stable number, and each year, there’s a new threat. Interlochen Public Radio’s Taylor Wizner brings us this story about a new tactic to protect the birds.

How Judy Garland’s death shined a light on addiction in Hollywood  

Stateside’s conversation with Howard Markel

  • One of the most famous voices of the 20th century belonged to the actress Judy Garland, who died 50 years ago this week. Howard Markel is a University of Michigan medical historian and PBS contributor. He tells us about Garland’s tortured life dealing with substance abuse, and how the beloved performer's life and death still resonates today.

Michigan violinist Maureen Choi fuses jazz and Spanish flamenco in new album

Stateside’s conversation with Maureen Choi

  • Violinist and Michigan-native Maureen Choi is making international waves with her musical group the Maureen Choi Quartet. The band fuses a mix of musical influences into what some describe as a “Spanish chamber jazz.” Choi joined Stateside to talk about her musical background, how her love for Spanish music inspires her compositions, and her newest album Theia.

Billionaires, tax incentives, and technology: the sports economy in the Midwest

Stateside’s conversation with Bill Shea

  • Bill Shea has covered the business of Detroit sports for Crain’s Detroit Business for years. Now, he’s moving to a subscription-based new sports site called The Athletic to cover sports business, media, and law for the Midwest. He tells us why everyone should be paying attention to the sports industry, and what kind of opportunities there are to expand coverage of the complex issues surrounding it.

Episcopal bishop-elect makes history as first woman and openly-gay leader of Michigan diocese

Stateside’s conversation with Bonnie Perry

  • The 16,000 members of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan are getting a new leader. Next February, Reverend Bonnie Perry will become the 11th bishop of the diocese, which has existed since 1836. Perry is the first openly-gay woman to lead an Episcopal diocese in the United States. She talks about her new role, and where she hopes to guide the diocese in coming years.   

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this post contained unclear language about the Reverend Bonnie Perry, bishop-elect for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. Perry will be the first openly-gay woman to lead an Episcopal diocese in the U.S. She is both the first woman, and the first openly-gay bishop, to lead Michigan's diocese, which has existed since 1836. 

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