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Michigan is a nice, underrated, and overall mediocre state according to this poll

1,603 people responded to a Business Insider poll about standout qualities of each state in the U.S. 

Does Michigan have a weird accent? No. But Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Louisiana do. 

Best food? Not even close. But apparently South Carolina weirdly has better food than we do. What do people in South Carolina even eat?

Worst food: Alaska.  Ah, yes. In this category, Michigan barely scrapes by. We don't have the best eats, but we don't have the worst.

The vaguely sweeping categories of "greatest state" and "craziest state" and "state with the hottest residents" was won by California, while Texas takes the cake as the "worst state." What does that mean?

I'm glad that Michigan gained only a moderate number of votes in the "ugliest residents" sector -- Alabama won -- I'm miffed that Michigan was cast by the wayside in the "most beautiful scenery" category.

On the other hand, Kansas and New Jersey were voted as having the worst scenery, which...may be true.

Here are some other highlights from the gem of a poll:

  • Louisiana is the drunkest state.
  • Hawaii is the best vacation spot.
  • New York needs to calm down because it's the most arrogant.
  • And rudest.
  • Every state is fairly nice.
  • Massachusetts is the smartest state (...)
  • New York strangely has the best and worst sports fans. 
  • A lot of people voted to have Texas kicked out of the U.S.
  • California is overrated.

-- Lucy Perkins, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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