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The biggest Environment Report stories of the year

Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory

About 44 feet below the surface of the water, 12 miles northeast of Sandusky in western Lake Erie

The Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE) discovered the wreck on August 28th. It was believed to be a vessel called the Argo that sank in 1937.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who were exposed to burn pits worry about their health

“A burn pit’s just a big hole in the ground. You push dirt up and just have trash there, and light it on fire and walk away,” says Army veteran Eric Mullins.

The story of 4 satellite-tagged snowy owls visiting Michigan in March

Researchers know relatively little about what snowy owls do when they're here in our region.  To find out more, they fitted a few with fitted with a satellite transmitters.

Michigan officials considering a 10,000 acre land deal in the UP

“It’s pristine.  It’s forest. It’s hunting lands.  It’s hiking.  It’s everything, and [the mining] would destroy that area."

Expert says Michigan officials changed a Flint lead report to avoid federal action

One of the more troubling charges made against the state in its handling of the Flint water crisis was that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality knowingly dropped lead test samples to avoid exceeding a federal drinking water standard. Here’s the full the story.

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