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A Minute With Mike: Let's talk about turn signals

A Minute with Mike
Vic Reyes
Minute with Mike

As we move through the early 21st century, technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds. That got Stateside producer Mike Blank to wonder: Just when does formerly cutting edge technology become obsolete?

Unless you’ve been blessed enough to never have had to ride in or drive a car, you know the sound of the tried and true blinker.

It’s designed to let our fellow motorists know when a car plans on turning or changing lanes.

But, we also know in our heart of hearts that the blinker is used, let’s say, randomly and arbitrarily.

Seriously, how many times have you witnessed a car abruptly changing lanes like an over-excited Nascar driver who has suddenly realized a vehicle can do more than just turn left?

Or been left clueless at a four-way stop because turn signals aren’t used – or worse, completely contradicted?

And, let’s not forget the freeway driver who leaves the turn signal on for miles.

My point? If turn signals aren’t being used, why have them? In fact, let’s make the turn-signal illegal!

Hear me out.

Banning the turn-signal would save car companies lots of money – and according to the prevailing economic theory, the more money a corporation makes, the better the world gets.

Also, a turn-signal ban would force drivers to assume that any nearby car might pull out recklessly, turn suddenly, and/or cut you off in an extremely dangerous manner at any and all times.

So, if cars could turn this way or that with no notice, drivers would be forced to drive more defensively.

In short, let’s all assume every other driver is a complete ignoramus whose self-absorbed driving antics might kill you (cough cough) … except for you … I mean, you’re probably a better driver than everyone else, with more important things to do and more important people to see. I hear you. It’s OK.

But, back to my point, for safety’s sake: let’s ban the turn-signal!

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