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Stateside Podcast: Giving birth at 18 shaped Michigan woman's support of abortion rights

side by side photos of two protests about abortion. On the left side, a white sign says in blue text "pro life for the whole life"
and on the right, a black sign with white letters says "abortion is healthcare" paper butterflies are glued around the words
Maria Oswalt/Gayatri Malhotra
Abortion inspires fierce political debate. But people's opinions are often informed by deeply personal experiences. Today, we hear from a woman whose experience giving up her baby at 18 made her a stalwart supporter of abortion rights.

The future of legal abortion is up for debate in a way that it hasn’t been for nearly five decades. The U.S. Supreme Court will rule this year on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case out of Mississippi. The court’s conservative-leaning majority is widely expected to weaken federal protections for abortion rights.

If it does, the justices would likely leave the issue to states—and potentially voters—to decide.

Yesterday, we heard a personal story from one Michigander who is hoping that will mean an end to legal abortion in Michigan. 

Catherine Hadley has a very different take. 

She lives in Washtenaw County, has worked in health policy. She’s married with two kids. And she strongly supports federal protections for legal abortion—largely because of her own personal experience with giving up a child for adoption.

“I think we’re asking a lot of people when we make comments like just give the baby up for adoption. It’s not that simple. Physically, mentally, spiritually, it really isn’t that simple.”

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