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Stateside Podcast: The joy of giving and receiving advice

Cover art for The Best Advice Show podcast. The words, "The Best Advice Show," are stacked on top of each other. The title is in a cream-colored, bold face. Behind the title is an abstract rendition of a sun setting behind multicolored mountains.
Courtesy of Zak Rosen
Cover art for The Best Advice Show podcast.

In the wake of a creative project that didn't go as planned, Detroit-based audio storyteller Zak Rosen set out to find the best morsels of advice from folks of all walks of life.

Since then, he's compiled the advice of hundreds of family members, acquaintances, and total strangers. Every tidbit is cataloged on his podcast, The Best Advice Show. Today, he shares some of his favorites morsels with Stateside, and solicits some advice from a member of the Stateside team.


  • Zak Rosen, host, The Best Advice Show
  • Laura Weber Davis, executive producer, Stateside

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The Best Advice Show theme music courtesy of Zak Rosen:
"Pizogi" by Guustav
"Come Clean" by Gloria Tells

Other music from Blue Dot Sessions.

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Ronia Cabansag is a producer for Stateside. She comes to Michigan Public from Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a BS in Media Studies & Journalism and English Linguistics with a minor in Computer Science.
Laura is Executive Producer of Stateside. She came to Michigan Public from WDET in Detroit, where she was senior producer on the current events program, Detroit Today.