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Empty holsters on campus in protest of gun laws

A student group is protesting concealed weapons not being allowed on Michigan's college campuses being
photo by Sarah Alvarez/Michigan Radio
A student group is protesting concealed weapons not being allowed on Michigan's college campuses being

Some college students are protesting the state’s gun laws by carrying empty holsters on campus this week. “Students for Concealed Carry” is a national group behind the annual protest. There are protests this week at Grand Valley State University, Ferris State University and Central Michigan University.

The groups say people with valid concealed weapons permits should be able to carry concealed guns on campuses around the state. Colleges and Universities ** are on the list of nine “pistol free zones”.

Reid Smith is the Michigan State Director of Students for Concealed Carry

"You’re only taking about allowing lawful gun owners to carry their firearms on college campuses and you’re not talking about the criminals. The criminals aren’t going to obey the gun free zone laws anyway."

Michigan’s house and senate are considering billsthis year on whether or not to do away with the pistol free zones.

Reid continues:

"We want the Michigan legislature to pass laws that would allow students who are already licensed to be able to carry firearms on their college campuses. That’s our end goal. Everything else is a means to an end and the end is definitely getting laws passed that allow us to defend ourselves on college campuses."

Students for Concealed Carry uses a lot of video to make their case. See a video produced about the Grand Valley State University group here:


** Please note: Michigan law states guns are not permitted in college classrooms and dormitories. However, classrooms are not defined by the law, and the Michigan courts haven't made it more clear.  Colleges have interpreted it to mean the whole campus.

Sarah Alvarez-Michigan Radio Newsroom






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