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Focusing on Healthy Habits

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Gov. Rick Snyder outlined his plan for making Michigan a healthier state. The plan includes the utilization of technology to help track health statistics and to guide people into making healthier choices.

Michigan Radio's Jennifer White talks with Victor Strecher, Professor at the University of Michigan’s Center for Communications Health Research. Strecher has been working with Gov. Snyder on developing the new health initiative and talks about health issues in Michigan and changes residents can make to improve their health and well-being.

Strecher talks about utilizing technology to help people lose weigh or stop smoking.

"For example, if I want to quit smoking but I'm worried about gaining weight or I'm worried about having stress, then I could have a program that is completely tailored online or even on a mobile phone now where it's tailored to my specific needs and interests."

One down side to that is access to technology, but ultimately Strecher says all people can begin by thinking about why they want to become healthier.

"Some of the things we do to help people make significant changes in their lives right away is to look at the "whys" to change as opposed to the "hows" to change. In other words why would you want to manage your weight? Is it just to look better, or is it really because you want to see your children or your grandchildren graduate from high school... Getting in touch with that purpose is actually a very important issue and something we'd like to start with... identify that purpose, then connect that with getting more energy to achieve that purpose."

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