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Get out and vote, say Democrats, Michigan a battle ground state

Lester Graham
Michigan Radio

Michigan delegates are at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. Michigan Radio’s Lester Graham is covering the event, and gave us his impressions about this year’s convention.

Graham said there’s some concern about whether there is enough enthusiasm to get the vote out for President Obama this year, as opposed to four years ago.

“Michigan Democrats seem to be convinced that if they can get the vote out, they’ll be doing fine, that Michigan will be a blue state again, and that Barack Obama will be re-elected as President,” he said.

At the Republican National Convention last week, Republicans put their message before the public, and their argument that Mitt Romney should be president.

Democrats are responding this week by saying Mitt Romney’s policies are very much like the trickle down theories of past Republican administrations.

"And they don’t think Michigan has fared well under that scenario. So they are saying, 'compare it, contrast it, that’s fine, we think President Obama comes out a winner,'” Graham said.

Graham points out that Michigan is considered a battle ground state, now that Obama and Romney are very close in a recent poll. Graham said Michigan might not be in the top five or six battleground states, but the state is far from a sure thing for Barack Obama.

"And so, there is some concern among the Democrats that they have some work to do to make sure Michigan does become a supporter of Barack Obama, like it was the last time," said Graham.

Go hereto read more about Grahams’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

Mercedes Mejia is a producer and director of Stateside.
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