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Stateside: A shift in public opinion of right-to-work

Rick Pluta/MPRN

As right-to-work gains momentum, supporters of the legislation claim Michigan’s public opinion is in favor of the bill.

EPIC-MRA has tracked the public’s opinion of right-to-work since June 2007. During that time there was indeed 62% majority opinion in favor of the bill. But Bernie Porn of EPIC-MRA recently found that the opinion is drastically different than that of 2007.

“People understand the union history in Michigan, so there are some people who pause about the idea of making Michigan a right-to-work state. Once they hear the arguments for and against, 51% say they are opposed to making Michigan a right-to-work state. The intensity increases to 41% saying they are strongly opposed,” said Porn.

The numbers were taken from a random sample of active voters in the state and reflect a growing concern of right-to-work's future impact on Michigan.

-Cameron Stewart

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