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Does Snyder's economic record earn him the title 'One Successful Nerd'?

Detroit Free Press
Detroit Free Press

The 2014 election season is warming up. In Michigan, we're moving from "One Tough Nerd" to "One Successful Nerd."

In an early bid to make his case for re-election, Gov. Rick Snyder released this video:


But critics say Gov. Snyder's record on the economy makes him vulnerable.


Detroit Free Press editorial page writer Stephen Henderson suggests that Gov. Snyder is "premature in taking victory laps, especially with the unemployment rate creeping back up." It's gone up in each of the last three months.

From the editorial:

This is more than a year-and-a-half into businesses enjoying the $1-billion tax break they got when Snyder and the Legislature killed the complicated Michigan Business Tax in favor of a flat corporate tax. Where’s all the hiring they were supposed to do? It’s after the governor’s Office of Regulatory Reinvention has changed or repealed 1,512 business rules. Shouldn’t the lift of those burdens be cranking up hiring? And it’s after Snyder signed right-to-work legislation that he and the Legislature said would bring employers flocking to Michigan. The flock turned out to be a gaggle.

Henderson argues Gov. Snyder needs to make it clear how he will improve the economy this time around.

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