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The week in Michigan politics


This week in Michigan politics, political analyst Jack Lessenberry and Morning Edition host Christina Shockley talk about why theObama administration will be in Detroit this week, howa federal government shutdown could affect Michigan's poor, Democrats plan to turn around Michigan schools, and Governor Snyder'sad campaign.

Obama administration in Detroit

Officials from the Obama administration will be in Detroit Friday. They’ll meet with community leaders, elected officials and others. It’s part of an ongoing discussion involving Detroit’s bankruptcy.

Lessenberry says the government has already agreed not to get involved financially in Detroit’s situation.

“I think they are just sort of showing the flag and listening sympathetically to people in lieu of sending money which there’s not that much of and Congress wouldn’t go along with," Lessenberry says.

Government shutdown could affect Michigan's poor

A federal government shutdown could happen next week. That's unless the White House and Congressional Republicans reach a budget deal.

If a shutdown does happen, Medicaid, food assistance and other programs for the poor would be first affected.

Lessenberry says, that situation is still uncertain and if a government shutdown happened, it’s unclear as to how long it would last.

Dem's plan to turn Michigan schools around

Democratic state Representatives unveiled a plan this week to help turn Michigan schools around. Among other things, the plan would require the state to determine the true cost of educating a public school student in Michigan. It would also require charters and virtual schools to have boards that comply with the Open Meetings Act.

The plan is a reaction to the Education Achievement Authority that is operating in 15 schools in Detroit to help turn around low test scores.

Lessenberry says the proposals have zero weight behind them.

“The brutal fact is that Democrats are in a minority position in the legislature,” he says.

Snyder isn't running, but his ads are

Finally, Rick’s Snyder’s ads for his campaign for governor launch this week, that's despite the fact that he hasn't officially announced his run for reelection. These ads have been launched earlier than his Superbowl ads debuted back in 2010.

Lessenberry says other things are happening sooner as well.

“Normally at this cycle we are talking about in both parties who’s going to be the candidates in the primaries,” Lessenberry says. “But Democrats and Republicans seem to have settled on their candidates without a primary. It could change but it looks pretty clear that Terry Lynn Land, the Republican and Gary Peters, the Democrat are going to be the only are going to be the only major party candidates for the US Senate and Mark Schauer is the designated and anointed Democratic candidate for Governor.”

Christina began her career in radio at Michigan Radio while a student at the University of Michigan. She was a producer and researcher for The Todd Mundt Show, and then hosted Weekend Edition.
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