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What you thought was missing from Gov. Snyder's State of the State speech

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During last night's State of the State, Governor Rick Snyder apologized to the residents of Flint, saying "I'm sorry, and I will fix it."

He traced a timeline of the government's failings, and promised to release his emails related to the handling of the crisis. He also asked the Legislature to approve $28 million in a supplemental budget for aid to Flint.

On social media, some of you were happy with Snyder’s apology and plans to move forward:

Sorry, I believe he is sincere and wants to fix this. Give him a chance to do it.” - Nino Rea, on Facebook

“Admitting his part and apologizing is a start. It's not going to un-poison the ppl of Flint. But he's got to start there. Hopefully he moves quickly and invests heavily in doing what he can to fix the situation. It is such a sickening tragedy on so many levels.” – Jen Mc, on Facebook

But many more Michiganders were unimpressed.

So we asked- what did you think was missing from his speech?

Many called for more specific action:

“Odd Snyder did not mention who should pick up the tab for all of the Flint citizens being BILLED for overdue payments for their poison water. It surely should not be the citizens of Flint!” –Marcia Perry, on Facebook

...aaaaand I'm still waiting to hear about the long term support for the children whose lead poisoning will impact their development and lives as they grow.” - Sarah Kate Van Auker, on Facebook

Some of you took issue with the phrasing "Government failed you."

"We voted one person to be the Governor, the person at whose desk the buck stops. He is the head of Michigan's Government. He is who we chose to be the "Government" for us. He is thus blaming himself, without actually taking the responsibility. He should resign." - Tom Stulberg, on Facebook

And others just said too little, too late:

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