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Bernie Sanders campaigns in Michigan

Bernie Sanders held a rally in Traverse City Friday.

He told a packed crowd that the decline of Detroit, and the decline of the American middle class, is partly due to international trade policies.

He says many trade policies cater to big money interests.

“If you are a large multinational corporation, why would you want to pay a worker in Michigan 20, 25, 30 bucks an hour when you can shut down those plants here, go to Mexico, go to China, go to Vietnam, go to other low wage countries, and then you can bring your products right back into this country?” Sanders told the crowd.

Sanders says these policies are no good for American manufacturing or the middle class.

Tina Schuett is a business owner from Traverse City.   She says she’s voting for Sanders even though some of his policies might hurt her business.

“Cause most likely he’ll increase taxes, but I’m OK with that. I think it’s more important that people are heard and taken care of,” says Schuett.

Schuett was one among many at the rally who said social issues made them support Sanders.

Michiganders will cast their presidential primary votes on Tuesday.