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Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Detroit

Virginia Gordan

An enthusiastic crowd of union members and other Hillary Clinton supporters welcomed former President Bill Clinton to Detroit today.

Speaking to a packed auditorium papered with campaign signs that said, "Fighting For Us," the former president spoke about Secretary Clinton's 40 year commitment to reducing income inequality, promoting civil rights, and creating economic opportunity. 

Bill Clinton said too many people have been left behind economically.

Speaking about a broad range of Hillary Clinton's positions and drawing repeated applause, he said, "She says, look, the first thing you've got to do is raise incomes and create more jobs that pay above average wages that can't be exported."

He said one of his wife's top priorities is to invest in new infrastructure, including cleaning up Flint and building Detroit better schools.

The former president also said that it's a dangerous world, and Hillary Clinton is ready to be Commander in Chief.  Stating that the former Secretary of State supports a strong military, he added,  "She also knows, even with a strong military and a top diplomacy, you've got to take some time to make more friends and fewer enemies because you can not kill, jail, or occupy everybody that might be against you someday."