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Week in Review: Worries for immigrants and voter fraud claims

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

This week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to increase deportation efforts when it comes to undocumented immigrants. Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth and senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry talk about the impact that could have on Michigan. 

They also discuss Trump's call for an investigation into his voter fraud claims, a trip to the White House for Detroit auto CEOs, and a bill to create guidelines for school closures in Michigan.

Immigration order

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to increase deportation  efforts when it comes to undocumented immigrants. Trump also wants to cut federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants.

Lessenberry says the order will lead to "bedlam and chaos" in Michigan, which is home to large immigrant populations.

"It'll cause a lot of confusion and a lot of heartache. There are a lot of undocumented people here who are terrified," Lessenberry said.

Voter fraud claims

Trump says he intends to launch an investigation into his claim of voter fraud. So far, he doesn't have any evidence to support his claim. State officials say he's not going to find it here in Michigan

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, the state’s top elections official, Michigan has done a very good job of clearing people who have died or moved from its voter files. 

Lessenberry says there's some irony to Trump's call for an investigation.

"In Michigan, [Trump's] own people said that the system is just fine because they didn't' want a recount," Lessenberry said.

The Detroit Three in Washington

The CEOs of the Detroit Three automakers met with Trump at the White House this week.

During the meeting, Trump said that environmental regulations are "out of control" and that he would get rid of obstacles for manufacturers and oil companies.

But Lessenberry says the president is sending the auto industry mixed messages.

"The next day he announces a potential 20% new tariff on goods from Mexico. American cars come from Mexico. Even some American cars that are made here are filled with Mexican parts," Lessenberry said.

School closure bill

A state lawmaker wants to create guidelines for school closures in Michigan. 

A bill introduced by Rep. Stephanie Chang(D-Detroit) would require schools to give parents at least a month's notice before closing down. School boards, including charter schools, would also have to create a procedure to follow before a school is closed.

Lessenberry says the bill makes "a whole lot of sense" but probably won't make it through the Legislature.

"It's going to go nowhere because [Chang] is a Democrat, and because the charter school lobby wants no regulation.And they essentially control the Legislature," he says. 

Rebecca Kruth is the host of All Things Considered at Michigan Public. She also co-hosts Michigan Public's weekly language podcast That’s What They Say with English professor Anne Curzan.
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