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Introducing Mornings in Michigan: How do you spend your mornings?

Michigan Radio "Morning Edition" host Doug Tribou and producer Lauren Talley are producing the new series "Mornings in Michigan."

Every Michigander's morning is unique. A cherry farmer might be shaking trees at 6 a.m. Bus drivers and teachers are busy making sure students are in their seats on time. Some of us might just be sleeping in.

For Doug Tribou, mornings mean waking up at 3:20 a.m. to host Morning Edition on Michigan Radio.


Morning Edition is launching a new series, Mornings in Michigan, and we want to hear from you! What do your mornings look and sound like?

There are a few ways to participate. First, send us a piece of your morning! Email the sounds and views of your morning to morningsinmichigan@michiganradio.org. Please put "Mornings in Michigan" in the subject line, and be sure to include where you're from.

Tune into Morning Edition on Friday, November 17 to hear the first segment of Mornings in Michigan!

Capturing audio and taking photos or video is easy and doesn't require more than a smartphone.

Here are some tips to send us the best quality:

  • When recording audio, make sure there isn't too much background noise. We want to hear what you're doing! 
  • The sound doesn't need to be too loud. Simply speaking in your normal tone of voice will do.
  • For photos and video, be sure to turn your phone sideways.

Second, pitch us your ideas! Is there something you do in the morning that is especially unique? Do you have questions about what mornings are like in a specific community? Send them to us in the form below:


Emma is a communications specialist with the digital team at Michigan Radio. She works across all departments at Michigan Radio, with a hand in everything from digital marketing and fundraising to graphic design and website maintenance. She also produces the station's daily newsletter, The Michigan Radio Beat.
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