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Speed limit increase could be on Legislature’s agenda in 2014


The debate over increasing speed limits across the state is likely to heat up again when state lawmakers return to Lansing next week.

Local governments would be required to set speed limits based on Michigan State Police (MSP) recommendations. Supporters say the goal is to reduce speed traps and improve traffic conditions.

“I’m seeing more and more support as some people realize that some speed limits are artificially set for the purpose of writing tickets and revenue,” said Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), who is spearheading the plan in the Legislature. “They are angry and they want change.”

Jones says he plans to introduce the legislation in the coming weeks.

Some MSP studies suggest a number of Michigan freeways could be increased to 75 mph or more.

“That’s probably not going to happen,” said Jones. “There may be some interstate highways go to 75, but they would be areas that were determined to be very safe and the highways would be designed for it.”