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Study ranks car mileage by vehicle and city

Looking east down I-94 toward Detroit.
Mark Brush
Michigan Radio

A group says the Chevrolet Suburban is the most driven used car in Detroit and Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo. iSeeCars.com says they looked at over 2.3 million sales of used 10-year-old cars for the study. It looks at the most popular cars driven annually.

A spokeswoman for the group says, "This study shows the cars that accrue the highest mileage over 10 years. So it is a measure of car longevity and it informs readers about which vehicles are ideal for drivers who log a lot of miles on their vehicles. While the top vehicles are large SUVs, there are sedans and smaller vehicles that have proven to reliably rack up high mileage for their drivers. Car shoppers who drive a lot should consider these vehicles. "

The car search engine found, on average, a Chevrolet Suburban in Detroit will drive about 15,117 every year and 15,691 in Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo - which is higher than the national average. The car search engine says the average 10-year-old-vehicle is driven 11,987 miles per year.

"In Detroit, the average driver logs 12,210 miles on their vehicle. This is just slightly above the national average of 11,987. So, Detroit is closer to the national average and Detroit drivers do not typically drive more than the rest of the nation. Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Michigan has the highest mileage of any Michigan metro with 13,412 square miles. Typically, drivers in major metro cities like Detroit don't have the highest annual mileage because things are more densely located," the iSeeCars.com spoekswomen says.

iSeeCars.com gets this data from over 200 metro areas. As a car search engine, the group says they have access to this information like sold used cars. A spokeswomen says they run a national analysis and a local analysis that includes metro areas for which they have adequate sample sizes.

The Chevrolet Suburban is seen to have been the most widely used car in major metro areas, the group says. The group looked at their data to find the most-driven vehicle in the top most populous metro areas. The data was gathered from 2015-2018. In that time period, the group says they looked at the sale of over 2.3 million used ten-year-old cars to see the average annual mileage for each car and body style.

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