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Congratulations to Katie Caralis, Tim Kooy, and Jack Nelson...the winners of Michigan Radio's One Minute Michigan Story Writing Contest. You can view their stories below. Our thanks to the hundreds of people who submitted stories of their memorable Michigan experiences.

One Minute Michigan Story: The Mighty Mac


Written by Jack Nelson

Gun. The spinnaker fills. Michigan’s shoreline recedes as we head for a buoy 100 miles north in Huron’s crown. Thunderheads march over Saginaw Bay blackening the sunset amidst jibes and biting flies. A rain line collapses into static punctured by the helmsman’s order to “ease, ease, EASE the mainsail!” First watch: myriad constellations -- pole star, Saturn maybe.  The bow cuts a somnolent curl as we run over following seas.  Becalmed: slack sails on oiled glass long before the hull burbles again. We round - 90 miles left. Night squalls force sail changes in a wet fury. The sea state fades with dawn. Blue air fractures beneath the photographing helicopter. A small, gray plume puffs victory before the gun sounds.

Jack Nelson was one of the winners of Michigan Radio's One Minute Michigan Story Writing Contest. Keith Taylor read the story.

Mercedes Mejia is a producer and director of Stateside.
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