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Bin Laden photos will not be released

President Obama and his administration have declined to release photos of Osama bin Laden's dead body.

There are worries, voiced by the White House, that the images could "inflame sensitivities."

CBS originally broke the story, and according to NPR's Two-Way blog, White House spokesman Jay Carney just confirmed that the photos will not be released.

From the BBC:

US officials have been discussing whether to publish pictures of Bin Laden's body to counter conspiracy theories that he did not die. But the White House has been concerned that the "gruesome" images could inflame sensitivities. The al-Qaeda leader was shot dead in a raid on Monday by US special forces in northern Pakistan. The BBC's Paul Adams in Washington says that President Obama has clearly decided that releasing the photos is not worth the risk. Mr Obama revealed his decision during an interview with CBS television's 60 Minutes programme, the network said in a statement. The president said "he won't release post-mortem images of Osama Bin Laden taken to prove his death". It came as US officials began to comb through computer hard-drives, mobile phones and USB sticks found during the US Navy Seals raid in Abbottabad.

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