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Michigan House Republicans release their 2013-2014 plan

Tim Martin

Earlier today, Michigan House Republicans announced their plan for  the 2013-2014 legislative session.

They call their plan, "Brighter Days Ahead: 2013-14 House Republican Action Plan for Hard-Working Michigan Taxpayers.

Speaker of the House John Bolger (R-Marshall) said this in their press release this morning:

"We are once again presenting the people we serve with a detailed, common-sense approach to resolving challenges that Michigan's hard-working men and women are facing,"

House Republicans say they plan on tackling the following issues:

Jobs: Republicans say they plan to create jobs through reforming job programs, investing in Pure Michigan, removing barriers to employment and improving on educational and vocational programs.

Child Development & Education: Their plan calls for improving early child and vocational education, adoption rates, prenatal care, and access to mental healthcare.

Transportation & Energy: House Republicans say they want to prioritize and improve Michigan's transportation infrastructure. They also say they plan to reduce long-term energy costs.

Taxes: They say they want to simplify the tax code, remove tax loopholes, and reduce "unnecessary rules" to ensure economic growth and competition.

Budget: The plan calls for a balanced budget by June 1, 2013 and reducing overall debt.

While Republicans have high hopes for the upcoming plan, House Democrats are skeptical.

Critics are calling the plan "out of touch" and "contradictory."

Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) made this rebuttal in the Michigan House Democrat's press release:

“While House Republicans talk about wanting to create better jobs and help the children of Michigan, many of the laws they’ve passed since becoming the majority party two years ago show they have done precisely the opposite”

The next session of the Michigan House of Representatives will start tomorrow, January 31.

- Marlon Phillips, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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