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The Michigan Supreme Court orders the release of a man who planned a killing spree

Andrew Osantowski
(courtesy the Michigan Department of Corrections)
Andrew Osantowski

The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the release on parole of a 23 year old man who plotted a killing spree when he was in high school. The Macomb County prosecutor opposed the release of Andrew Osantowski.

Osantowski was convicted of plotting to murder students and a security officer when he was 17 years old. He was caught after detailing his plan on an internet chat room. A police raid on his home turned up guns, ammunition, and material for making pipe bombs.

Osantowski was a model inmate, and scored well on a parole report that recommended his release. The Macomb County prosecutor objected and a second report was prepared that suggested the man - now 23 - may still have mental health and anger issues. A judge reversed the parole board, and that decision was backed by the state court of appeals.

But the Supreme Court said the state Department of Corrections used objective criteria in its evaluation recommending Osantowski's release, and that the parole board acted within its authority