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MSU prof reacts to bin Laden media coverage

Salah Hassan, Michigan State Univerty professor of Muslim Studies
(courtesy of Michigan State University)
Salah Hassan, Michigan State Univerty professor of Muslim Studies

Most people in the Middle East don’t seem to be angry that U-S forces killed Osama bin Laden.  Salah Hassancoordinates the Islam, Muslims and Journalism Education program  at Michigan State University. He’s watching Mid East media coverage following the death of the Al-Qaeda leader.

“Most reports indicate that there’s a sigh of relief and they’re not mourning his death, they haven’t transformed him into a martyr and this is a good thing."

Hassan is impressed with the U-S coverage of bin Laden’s death.   He says the media are providing in-depth background information in their coverage that puts bin Laden’s historical actions in context.

“I think that this is really good reporting, giving this background information. I think on the other hand, the way that the US has responded—in some cases the cheering and the reporting of this as a victory, that justice has been done—is a little questionable."

Despite bin Laden’s apparent guilt, Hassan says he would like to have seen due process before the Al-Qaeda leader was killed.  

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