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Report identifies potential economic benefits of immigration reform in Michigan

Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

A new report by Michigan United and the Center for American Progress says that legalizing undocumented workers could give Michigan a significant economic boost.

Patrick Oakford is with the Center for American Progress. Oakford says, "allowing these workers to come out of the shadows and observe increases in their own earnings is good for all Americans because these individuals are not just workers but they are also consumers. So with these increased earnings they are going to be going out and buying homes, cars, computers, and spending more money at local businesses in Michigan."

Professor Ethriam Brammer with the Latino Studies at Wayne State University represents another end of the pro-immigration reform argument in Michigan.

"These kind of reforms will help us to actually grow our own highly skilled new Americans by allowing the young people who are currently living in this undocumented status to complete their college education and to remain in Michigan upon graduation" says Brammer.

Opponents say low-skilled workers who are already citizens would see their job prospects dry up and their wages cut if the U.S. legalizes millions of new workers.

It's estimated that more than 100-thousand undocumented immigrants live in Michigan.

-Lindsay Hall, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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