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SAT score would not be required on Michigan student transcripts under House bills


Michigan high school students' transcripts would no longer have to include their SAT score that is part of the Michigan Merit Examination (MME), under a pair of bills sponsored by State Rep. David Martin (R-Davison) and State Rep. Brad Paquette (R-Niles).

Current state law says they have to.

Martin says the requirement should go because it puts Michigan students at a disadvantage for college admission compared to students from most other states.

Martin says it should be up to students and their parents whether to submit SAT scores.

"The score a student gets on one exam they take in the spring of their junior year is not the best way to gauge their knowledge or their capability to succeed," Martin said in a written statement. "Even in a straight-A student, test anxiety can lead to a low score. It doesn't make sense to let one bad score jeopardize a student's future opportunities."

Bob Kefgen, associate director of government relations at the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, spoke in support of the bill earlier this year before the House Education Committee.

"This change would allow students to decide whether their performance on those tests is something they want considered or whether they don't think this is a good representation of their skill," said Kefgen.

Deanna Greene represented the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling also in front of the House Education Committee.

"Many colleges and universities no longer require SAT scores as part of a student application, and yet, because of state law, our Michigan public high schools are mandated to provide the score," Greene said.

Greene said this disadvantages Michigan students who later improve their scores or who apply to SAT-optional colleges.

The bill would also remove the requirement of taking the essay portion of the SAT.

"With the passage of HB 4810 and 4811, our Michigan students will no longer be required to take the writing portion of the SAT/MME, a test the College Board no longer offers on national test dates, but is still part of the MME," said Greene. "This is another score our students are required to put on the transcript that could put them at a disadvantage with other students, since other students don't have to take the Writing exam, let alone submit the scores."

The bills passed almost unanimously, 104 -1, in the state House on March 23. They have been referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Career Readiness.

Virginia Gordan has been a part-time reporter at Michigan Radio since fall 2013. She has a general beat covering news topics from across the state.
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