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Marijuana, ecstasy use rising among 8th graders, say U of M researchers

 University of Michigan researchers say drug use is rising among middle schoolers.   They say it could be a ‘bell weather’ of problems ahead.  

  U of M’s‘Monitoring the Future’ project has been tracking drug use among young people since 1975.  Lloyd Johnston is withU of M’s Institute for Social Research.  He says 8th graders are smoking cigarettes and marijuana in greater numbers than in the recent past.   There’s also been an increase in the use of ecstasy

Johnston says now is the time for parents and elected leaders to act to avert a new epidemic of drug use. 

“I think there’s a danger of our repeating history here. If we don’t find ways to educate these kids about drugs other than have their own epidemic.”

Johnston says there is some good news.   The survey shows fewer teens are using cocaine or vicodin.

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