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State of Opportunity today: Be A Man

Dustin Dwyer

Today at 3pm on Michigan Radio, our State of Opportunity team presents its latest documentary.

Dustin Dwyer takes a look at men in our society. It’s a story in six parts.

It features the voices of men and young men from River Rouge High School, a church in Grand Rapids, and a martial arts gym in Lansing.

It even takes us to the Davis Primate Center in California, where we learn about a species of ape where the females – not the males – are dominant.

Dwyer speaks with a sociologist, a primatologist, teachers, coaches, and a pastor. Through these conversations, he explores the common question: what is going wrong with many men and boys in our society?

80% of all arrests for violent crime in the United States involve men. For many families, fathers are absent in their children’s lives –35% of all households rely on a single mother. Young men are far more likely to drop out of high school. 

So what’s going on? Listen to "Be a Man: A Story in Six Chapters" on Michigan Radio today at 3 pm (it airs again tonight at 10 pm) to learn more.

Check out the State of Opportunity page to access the podcast and web version if you miss it on air today.

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