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But officer, I really do have my proof of insurance ... somewhere


Even the most organized people sometimes slip up -- such as when you forget to put a copy of your  proof of insurance in your car.

If you get stopped in Michigan without that paperwork,  your license could be suspended, the plate could be canceled and you might have to pay a fine.

State Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, says we're in a new era. He says drivers should be able to show proof of insurance electronically on their smart phone or tablet.

"You can show that to the policeman," Green says. "And you don't have to have a paper copy. So when you fill out your insurance application or your registration, you click on there that you want either a paper copy or a computer copy."

Green says the legislation is supported by Michigan Secretary of State  Ruth Johnson and appears to have bipartisan support.

"A number of other states, including California, are already doing this," Green says. "This is not trekking on new ground."

Green says there hasn't been any negative reaction from insurance companies.