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Commission recommends pay raise for Michigan Supreme Court justices

Michigan Supreme Court
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Michigan Supreme Court justices could get pay raises - the first since 2002. The State Officers Compensation Commission (SOCC) outlined its raise recommendation at their May 30 meeting.

The SOCC discussed certain government officials’ salaries. It recommended a 10% pay increase for Michigan Supreme Court justices by 2022. The justices are currently paid $164,610, but the pay raise would increase their salaries to $172,841 in 2021 and $181,483 in 2022.

Jim Hallan is a commissioner for the Commission. He says Michigan Supreme Court justice's salaries are well below the median for the country.

"If no action is taken the court of appeals pay would be greater than Supreme Court justices, I think that is the compelling argument," Hallan says.

The Michigan Legislature has to approve the salary increases. Hallan says the commission has recommended salary increases before, but the legislature has not acted on it.

"With the political climate people are hesitant to vote for their own salary increases" Hallan says, "And that's created the problem, it's a political problem, it's a system that is unfortunately dysfunctional and needs a new solution."

The commission did not recommend raises for any other government officials.

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