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Floating film canister holds message from 1994

Message in a bottle
Flickr user Laura Alvarez

Not many people find messages in bottles. Terry Smith just found his second--though this one was technically a message-in-a-film-canister.

The Ohio resident stumbled on the cannister while hunting for morels in the Grand River on the west side of the state.

"I always look inside something like this you never know what you will find," he wrote in a post on his Facebook page.

He found letters and drawings from two twin girls who, in 1994, wrote that they were "exelent [sic] with arts and crafts" and also born "4 minutes apart."

But WILXin Lansing managed to track down one of the girls, who said that the two weren't actually twins, just best friends that liked to tell everyone they were related.

She also said she doesn't actually remember writing the note.

"We used to play in this creek that's back here in the neighborhood; and, we used to make rafts and have races with them. I totally believe we would've done something like that," Leah said

-Paula Friedrich, Michigan Radio Newsroom