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It's almost too obvious to say 2017 was a busy year in journalism. From the Women's March to rapidly changing immigration policies to environmental controversies, it felt like major news was breaking every day. To help sort through the chaos, Michigan Radio rounded up our most important stories from throughout the year.

Year in Review: Our most popular feel-good stories of 2017

Emma Winowiecki
Michigan Radio

Sometimes, 2017 felt a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we found some stories that will brighten everyone’s year.

Here are some of the most popular uplifting stories from 2017:

"I wanna be a Batman!"

With the end of Michigan Radio’s State of Opportunity project, reporter Jen Guerra went on a mission to find the little boy whose voice was on our air for five years.

Michigan theater company gives kids with disabilities a chance to shine on stage

“Did you ever dream of seeing your name on a Broadway marquee as a kid? If so, you probably have some fond memories of memorizing lines and making costumes for school plays. But for kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities, finding a spotlight isn’t always easy. A growing number of programs across the country are trying to change that.”

Brighton expands school therapy dog program

"As fifth and sixth graders at Maltby Intermediate School get ready for camp, the school therapy dog Duncan watches patiently. Most of the kids pet him as they head out the school doors to their buses. Duncan is a one-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. He knows he’s on the job because he’s wearing his work vest that says, 'I’m friendly. Please pet me.'"

What happened to Dr. Rafaai Hamo, the Syrian refugee featured in Humans of New York?

“When Dr. Rafaai Hamo was featured on the popular photography website Humans of New York in December of 2015, both he and the story he shared grabbed the attention and curiosity of people across the world.”

The day Muhammad Ali went to Ground Zero

“Everyone over a certain age remembers where they were when the Twin Towers fell 16 years ago. But George Franklin also remembers a different day: ‘I have seared in my memory, the date of September 20, the day I took Muhammad Ali to Ground Zero.’”

Implosion fail video: After over 40 years, the Pontiac Silverdome is … still standing!

Whoever built the Pontiac Silverdome did a very good job, because it took not one but two explosion attempts to knock it down!

Emma is a communications specialist with the digital team at Michigan Radio. She works across all departments at Michigan Radio, with a hand in everything from digital marketing and fundraising to graphic design and website maintenance. She also produces the station's daily newsletter, The Michigan Radio Beat.