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Tea Party Express rallies conservative voters in Michigan

Tea Party members attend a pre-election rally in Jackson, Michigan
(photo by Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio)
Tea Party members attend a pre-election rally in Jackson, Michigan

The Tea Party Express roadshow is making several stops today in Michigan in hope of energizing conservative voters before next week’s election.

 About 500 people crowded a vacant lot in downtown Jackson for the event which was part political rally and part fundraiser.

The tea party vote could be critical in several close congressional and state legislative races next week.

Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kramer says establishment Republicans and Democrats are underestimating the movement.  

"I have news for them.  We’re not going away.  They’re going to hear from us on Tuesday, November 2nd,   when we take back this congress," Kramer told the crowd in Jackson.  

Along with the political speeches,  speakers urged people attending the rally to buy Tea Party books, Cds,T-shirts and other items piled on cardboard tables ringing the rally.

  The Tea Party Express is holding rallies in Waterford Township this afternoon and in Monroe this evening. 

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